Wicket ajaxformcomponentupdatingbehavior examples

Wicket ajaxformcomponentupdatingbehavior examples

Another cool thing about header contributions is that Wicket is smart enough to filter out duplicates. The two calls add HeaderContributor.

Another problem is that, because we offer our users a single-threaded programming model, it is hard for us to do as many things asynchronously as we would like. Had to ditch the whole wicket ajax handling and do it in jQuery instead was basically just taking an input field and doing a calculation that should be rendered in another label. It looks like we'll be in our own niche for a while. We then built support for Dojo and Scriptaculous, but after a while wrote our own tightly integrated and efficient Ajax engine.

Extensions provides higher level Ajax components in the same way as it provides higher level non-Ajax components. Also, one simple line of Java code makes my StatisticsPanel refresh via Ajax on the client every five seconds without the panel knowing anything about it. This is probably the most outstanding improvement based on lambda expressions. Wicket's Ajax support is in the main jar and is completely integrated into the core project.

Creating your own from a good base class is often a better idea than trying to bend an existing component exactly to your needs. No framework supported that usecase very well at the time, so we rolled our own implementation that was optimized for our usecases. The purpose of field was only to dinamically update a list of email so its not necessary required. In general, I foresee Ajax going away and I really look forward to the day. However, we still think and majority of our users seem to agree that not having to manually deal with threading and synchronizations issues is more then a justifiable trade off.

We gradually built on that, extending behaviors - Wicket's composition mechanism - so that they could receive requests. Before that, it had to prove itself. People like it, and without Ajax support, Wicket probably wouldn't have caught on the way it did. If it makes sense for them.

We are working on

We are working on ways to remedy this in the coming releases. Transferring and injecting markup from server side into the client is not without its problems. To use this component, you don't even have to know it uses Scriptaculous internally. The fact that you can encapsulate Ajax in self contained components. My favorite thing is being able to easily compose any of these cool small classes into larger, higher level reusable components.

Other than this fairly minimal issue, things seem to be going really well so I would expect changes more in line with simple extension than architecture refactoring. My favorite part of Wicket's Ajax is really how easy it is to replace a component on the fly. If you are new to Wicket and want an overview of his history and features you might find useful this presentation.

When Ajax became popular more and more of our users wanted to see support for it built into the framework to make its use as transparent and as easy as possible. It has some rough edges that have to do with the fact that it is optional, and state is managed on the server side. So many frameworks, so many choices. In the meantime, I'll play with Wicket.

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Its ease of use and lack of learning curve. We might also work on some higher level out of the box components - of which we already have plenty. LambdaModel PropertyModel uses textual expressions to resolve object properties.