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She called him and told him about the emails and when he asked me if I did it I denied it. At that time he told me he had a wife.

You know what even hurts is when his mom found out about me and she called me and cussed me out. And I am sure you know half of the time when a new S. Fukking cradle robbing ass. The story is clear as day. She only married him to come to the states I think.

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Confused should do herself a favor and play in traffic. He said if I made his girl leave him because of the emails then he could never be with me because every time he sees me I would be the reason for losing the only woman he ever loved.

That statement was more than uncalled for. Normally women get this type of info during pillow-talk.

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Tameka needs to sit down somewhere and channel that energy into something positive. She just as bad, writers dating site fighting over a damn Saks card.

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Who is Usher Raymond dating? Usher Raymond girlfriend, wife

Even when he refused to take it I bought it anyways. She ain't too far behind Grace.

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Black Daria Secret First of all Tameka just lost her son and she probably heard something that maybe Grace or Usher had said. Tameka needs more people and a friend that cares enough about her to change her twitter password Heyyyy Cheeks!

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