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The dynamic Bethenny would never have thought that the attitude and confidence that impressed her at first could potentially destroy her peace. The former Pharmaceutical Sales rep. They kept their relationship largely secret until it couldn't be hidden any longer.

What Is Jason Hoppy Doing Now?

His early career in sales enabled him to jump start a career in New York's real estate big leagues earning very high commissions and purchasing properties for his own portfolio. If you go through his Twitter account, you will soon realize that all his tweets are not about him but the revenge and frustration to his ex-wife. The real estate agent was then arrested and charged with stalking in the fourth degree and harassment in the first degree. His constant-recurring stalking and harassment are just unforgivable.

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Then, fito dasmen tinder dating site Jason became licensed New York Real Estate agent capitalizing on the resources from his early career as a sales rep. Jason Hoppy is an American reality television star primarily known as the former husband of Bravo star Bethenny Frankel.

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Jason Hoppy Net Worth

The graduate from the University of Scranton worked as Pharmaceutical sales represented. He also spent time as a successful pharmaceutical sales representative up and down the east coast. But now, his career seems to turn south and to live a life in vengeance. Well, one time was never going to be enough, was it?

Jason had nothing to do but boil in anger. Hoppy is a pharmaceutical sales rep and licensed New York City real estate agent. Jason Hoppy made the majority of his early fortune as a high end New York City real estate agent. The highly-sorted man married the then girlfriend Bethenny in after month dating. His attitude and confidence impressed Frankel and they began dating immediately after.

The relationship of Jason and Bethenny ended as horribly as one can ever imagine. Jason Hoppy is blessed with both but unfortunately not on the range and might well see himself behind bars for this.

The couple, who never made their eye contact in the court, were fighting for the custody of their daughter, Bryn. Things got tensed when Jason had to wait for years to get a divorce filed by Bethenny.

He took his disappointment and frustration far too steps further.

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