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If you followed Shrink the Windows Partition correctly then you should already be connected. There will be unallocated space set to the size that you shrunk Windows by.

If you choose to do this move on to Write Changes to Disks. Choose a logical partition as the type.

Resources Blog Articles Deals. It will also be the active and boot partition. However, people keep telling me that it is not a good idea this to be done on a laptop because of driver comparability and stuff like that.

The detect keyboard layout button attempts to match your keyboard automatically. The final step is to choose where to install the bootloader.

This all depends on your internet connection speed. There are two checkboxes on the installation type screen. Find More Posts by lemonoid. It's ridiculous that distrowatch keeps monitoring your bullshit distro. Get the SourceForge newsletter.

Anybody who has access to your physical machine can get at all the data on the hard drive whether you use Windows or Linux. Save the settings and reboot. Choose your installation type. Are you connected to a power supply? You need to make some space on your hard drive for the Linux partitions.

Choose the logical partition type and set the amount of space that you wish to give to Ubuntu. User friendly Operating System. One of the easiest ways to try out Ubuntu on your laptop would be to download the. The piece of software I recommend using for backing up your system is Macrium Reflect. Dual boot Windows and Linux Ubuntu.

The two operating systems are on separate physical drives. To start the installation, click the Install Ubuntu icon on the desktop. Click Continue when you are ready to install Ubuntu.

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Future guides will highlight the available Linux file systems and the benefits of using each one. The final partition to create is the swap partition. If you plan to install further games or applications it might be worth shrinking the drive by less than the default value.

You can test the keyboard layout by entering text into the box provided. Cloud based servers to meet our users demands. After Ubuntu has booted into the live session click the network icon in the top right corner. If you have a poor internet connection then you might choose to disconnect otherwise the installer will attempt to download updates as you go along and this will lengthen the installation process. Enter a security key if one is required.

Dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu

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The above screenshot shows how your disk will look after you have shrunk Windows. The files will now be copied to your computer and Ubuntu will be installed. This is probably the least interesting but most important step in the whole process. Ignore any security message and accept the license agreement.

If you only have Windows and Ubuntu, then you have no worries about space, as long as you give Ubuntu a good bit of space to begin with. Whats wrong with my computer and what do i do? All odd releases have other environments, all even solid Gnome.

Choose your language and then click Continue. Make your home partition use the rest of the space minus the amount of memory that your computer has. Here's how to open the disk management tool if you need more help. From the dropdown list at the top choose Ubuntu. Are you connected to the internet?

If you have a great internet connection stay connected and click Continue. You will be asked whether you want to restart your computer or continue testing. We host software for other projects our admin create. For example, if you have megabytes i.

Generally, you should give the rest of the space to the home partition minus a small amount for a swap partition. Make sure you are plugged in, connected to the internet and have enough disk space. Choose your keyboard layout.

If everything works during this live session, pes 2011 data pack 8 then Ubuntu will run fine on your laptop. Make sure that Ubuntu boots up. It is important that you set this to the hard drive where you are installing Ubuntu. Try Windows first and make sure that everything still works.

Please try reloading this page, or contact support. Reboot again but this time choose Ubuntu from the menu. Before accepting the defaults consider how much space Windows might need in the future. At this point, you might want to choose to disconnect from the internet and select the option I don't want to connect to a wi-fi network right now.

Ultimate Edition Web Site. We have a Ultimate Edition for virtually any user. Leave the size as the rest of the disk and change the use as box to Swap Area. You can get away without being connected to the internet as discussed earlier. Bookmark this page and then follow this link for a tutorial showing how to create a system image using Macrium Reflect.

Choose your wireless network. Features Large userbase, people help people.