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Today anybody can enjoy a touch of luxury at very reasonable prices, as Hakuza offers a wide variety of gift items incorporating the gold leaf, including tableware, jewelry and sweets. Of course, commercial katsuobushi is now grated by machine, but it was interesting to see how it was done in the past.

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Hours may vary depending on the establishment Other Articles by Louise. It really does not get any better than this.

It is simple to use and very fast and powerful. Coredo Muromachi has a wealth of shops to interest both international visitors and residents alike, along with many restaurants and even a movie theater. Right next to Coredo Muromachi is the picturesque Fukutoku Jinja Shrine, which serves as a well-loved symbol for the local community and provides a perfect spot for photo ops after shopping. The grade and taste of the sake depends on how much the rice is polished, with the most expensive sake only using the center of the grains.

Nishiri Nishiri is a shop specializing in Japanese pickles or tsukemono. Kiya will sharpen knives of any brand for you fees vary.

In addition to being used to make dashi, depending on the type, versatile kombu can be wrapped around rice balls, mixed with hot rice or even enjoyed as kombu candy. Ninben Another store with a long association in Nihonbashi is Ninben, which produces katsuobushi, or dried bonito, for use in Japanese dashi. Ninben stocks a wide variety of packaged dashi for easy use at home, and being light, makes a good souvenir for overseas visitors. Like katsuobushi, konbu is another key ingredient in Japanese cooking, and sea-plant products are now gaining attention overseas for their health benefits, too. Staff member Mitsuru Oba showed me how the dried bonito fish is filleted and then shaved to make the katsuobushi, using a traditional hand-operated grater.

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We want to attract to Cherry Blossoms, men and women who are ready to find their True Love! This last kind is particularly popular as a souvenir with international visitors, and I rounded out my visit with a sample of the delicacy. The big bridge, from which Nihonbashi gets its name, safe casual dating legitimate is one of the major bridges of Tokyo. The other one is in Kyoto.

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Back in Edo era Japan, Nihonbashi was an important center of commerce, trade and entertainment. Hakuza is based in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture, which became famous for its gold leaf arts and crafts. Kiya Kiya is a manufacturer of Japanese knives with a long and proud history. As an added bonus, Okui Kaiseido also offers beautiful Echizen washi paper gift boxes from Fukui, for that special touch for souvenir shopping. Nishiri is based in Kyoto and uses vegetables originating from that area.

They specialize in gold leaf, the same kind used to restore historic temples around Japan. Tsuruya Yoshinobu Tsuruya Yoshinobu was founded in in Kyoto and the Coredo Muromachi store brings its beautiful creations to Tokyo customers. Another tip is to use a wooden chopping board, which is easier on your knives than a plastic one.