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By the s, Hitler had become a skilled politician and took advantage of the Germany parlementary system of government. Hitler was able to take over, as noted before, because of the shattered German economy, the loss of face from World War I and the political ineptness of the Weimar Republic.

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Lenin took over in the closing days of World War I. However, he did not totally eliminate individually-owned farms as they existed throughout the history of the Soviet Union and produced much of that nation's food.

How did Stalin get rid of the individually owned farms? They paid for their mistake as Hitler completely took over government. So, aside from Hitler, the other totalitarian leaders, or the systems that produced the leaders naturally, were in place long before the s.

Stalin succeeded Lenin as the leader of the Soviet Union. But the things he was able to buy for his farm, cheaper and better built, like plows and milk cans, came from capitalist labor. That all things that exist have a specific nature, which then consequently requires it to behave in such a way that fits its nature. How did the Great depression impact the world The old saying was when America sneezes, mouse pad manufacturers in bangalore dating the world catches a cold.

What does Aristotle's philosophy really mean?

First, only one totalitarian leader rose to power in the s, Adolph Hitler. He seized the farms from the owners and then made sure the oweners no longer needed the farms by killing them. Mussolini made the trains run on time. Why did fascism appeal to Italians?

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? There were no jobs and people starved. In Germany, many residents turned to grass to stay fed.

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Totalitarismo by Constanza Saavedra on Prezi

Who helped Adolf Hitler in his quest to gain power in Germany? The man who could make as much on his own farm, doing everything himself, was free not to work for an employer. Tito was prime mininster of Japan under a system of government that had existed, with minor changes, for several centuries. The German economy provided the background for Hitler and the Nazi Party to take control.

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The Aristotelian revival of the thirteenth century brought men to the Renaissance. By that time the economy of the world was such that capitalism could flourish. The collective farms from the seized farms he formed are still in existence in Russia today.