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Every month we select a new title from one of our authors so that you can discover new stories, locations and genres for free. Gerald Rusgrove Mills and Charles Boon. John Boon, son of the co-founder, continued as head of the company while his brother, Alan, continued as head of editorial. Much of the company's success from the s to the s came from Alan Boon's editorial talent.

There are, however, genre conventions that need to be met to be successful. Devon Inte Devon Interlude. Truant Bri The Truant Bride. Girl The Girl for Gillgong. Last of th The Last of the Mallorys.

Mist A Mist in Glen Torran. Where Where No Stars Shine.

The fun and revealing game includes tantalising questions to stimulate intimate conversation. Wind Wind Through the Vineyard. Winds Winds of Enchantment. Now all she wants is to return home to England and nurse her broken heart.

Drummer an The Drummer and the Song. Sensual curves wrapped in a crimson silk gown, long dark hair trailing down her back in waves, and her exquisite features partially hidden beneath a golden mask. Golden App Golden Apple Island. The publisher has been criticised for books that are considered low-brow and formulaic, although this has also been cited as one of the reasons for their success.

Mills & Boon Romance Series in Order - - FictionDB

Bay o The Bay of Moonlight. Master of The Master of Keills. Stranger's Stranger's Trespass. Feel of Si The Feel of Silk.

Hotel Sout Hotel Southerly. She runs her own successful catering business in the day, but her take-charge attitude could be the reason she still spends her nights alone. The success of the Australian operation in the s was such that it was able to begin printing its own editions. It was as if she was made for him.

In modern novels, popular hero archetypes are Arab sheikhs, Italian billionaires, Greek tycoons, and princes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Mountain o Mountain of Dreams. Dream and The Dream and the Dancer. Cambridge University Press.

Gentle Sur The Gentle Surgeon. People read four to five in a few days so that's a lot of books to carry around. Posts Postscript to Yesterday.


Home to help care for his sick mother, Jason is determined his stay is just temporary. Will he realize what's really missing in his life is Cass? Fans looking for particular books after this time must find them second-hand.

Come Come Back, Elizabeth. Master of The Master of Normanhurst. Taste for A Taste for Love. Walled Gar The Walled Garden.

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Ms Connelly also reminded readers to remember that the books are romance novels, so the sex takes place within a romantic landscape. The books are highly branded and are often in a separate section of bookshops and libraries from the other paperback fiction and romance novels. It's a steamy, explicit, sauda khara khara sukhbir escapist romance for today's woman.

Mills & Boon set to release sizzling new romance series

This was marked by a number of events and exhibitions. Chang A Change for Clancy. Song The Song and the Sea. Man a The Man at Marralomeda. Captain's The Captain's Table.

When jet-setting executive Connor O'Shea crashes at his aunt's house, all he wants is a bed for the night. Tawny Tawny Are the Leaves. Rosalind C Rosalind Comes Home.

Capri Caprice in Hospital Blue. Kindled Fi The Kindled Fire. One critic claimed that the genre promotes misogyny and the sexual submission of women to men. Demi-Semi Demi-Semi Nurse.

Mills & Boon set to release sizzling new romance series