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Referencing scripture, he said God also gave the man his word. If discovering my purpose and leading others to the Kingdom of God is bad then what church do you go to.

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In scriptures, a man has his duties clearly defined as the woman has hers and that was made so for the purpose of having dominion and ruler-ship here on earth. It is very difficult to listen to preaching that is subjective and not factual. He is influencing and interacting with Governments, Presidents and officials of the United Nations. Besides, one can not hear nor see the truth unless their eyes have been open via Jesus Christ revealing it.

Don't know about you, but I like a roof over my head and Mr. Her Watchwoman column explores genders issues in politics and culture from a feminist perspective. Such words are bound to generate debate, she is basically treating women like objects. Neither of these is suppose to be unconditional submission.

If her weight is an issue, either be willing to get up with her and work at it instead of complaining, starting to have wandering eyes, or just shut up and accept it. In the Christian home, spiritual harmony precedes physical harmony. They are still robotic soldiers who do nothing more but become an usher, or choir member for life and doing nothing but going from home to church and feeling empty in their Christian Journey. Have you wondered why the crowds are so large at some gatherings?

His message is dangerous not only because it objectifies women, but also because it lays the foundation for the subjugation of women. Potential is dormant ability, untapped power and hidden strength. Many are not that blessed to have done that. In essence, what is seen is never all there is.

That God will give you a submissive heart to the Word of God and more understanding on the Biblical principles. Noelle Nicolls is the Tribune Features Editor. God is all about unconditional love agape. So in conclusion her criticism of Dr. What else can one tell you or how may one help you?

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It is this language that often provides the foundation and justification for the abuse of women throughout the world. No man feels less equal because he is not apointed to the role of mother by God.

To me it was the way the story of Eve and Adam was moralized by Dr Munroe that would be questionable. Perhaps his death was symbolic of his meaning for life and recurring theme in his teachings. Secular people rarely if ever understand that Christ followers are spiritually reborn when they repent and accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

Myles Munroe was a heretic. Myles preached a message to encourage the men, saying that if a married man is looking outside the home for sex then it is the fault of the wife who is not providing what he needs. Myles Munroe's message has been to bring out what was already present and help one discover it and recognize it. Dr Munroe further described the spiritual hierarchy that exists between man, let me this movie for woman and God.

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Which bible is he quoting from? The point is if I don't change then what?

However, please do not hold it against those who will not share. The Word of God states that it is of no private interpretation thereby every scripture means what it exactly says.

Your job is to take the raw material you married and cultivate her into the woman in your head. Many people can't help becoming jealous of success, but it's sad when it is among believers.

The grave yards are full of great Men and Women who never become great because they did not give their ability responsibility. His message is positive, and encourages you as a woman or man to seek what you were born to do. Only Christ will Judge him on the final Judgement Day. The group were travelling to Freeport, where Munroe was to host a church conference, the Global Leadership Forum.

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It's not by accident I found Dr. Misplaced energy is wasted effort. Many people like me take that information and use it to their best ability. Appreciation for truly being well helpful and then for making a choice on these kinds of good issues millions of individuals are really desperate to discover. He said about his wife, he said husband love your wife like I love my wife.

He only said that to the male. Not trying to over-assume here, but I think your view in your article represents one of a considerable portion of women in today's society.

Username I have an account. Please people read your bible and stop letting people tell you half truth. The context of the presentation is not about rulership but relationship and responsibilities. If you can walk away from Myles Munroe's Ministry distraught and damaged, then I think you have a problem not his ministry.

However, women too need to be aware themselves, but they give too much importance to superficial concepts like achieving a flawless look. He challenges us to love agape our neighbours especially our wives, even to die for them. Male interpretations of religious texts have been used to justify some of the most persistent and pervasive human rights abuses. Whenever one settles for what they have accomplished success then becomes their enemy. Yet they have to be reading the same thing I'm reading or at least close to it.