Mukunda Mukunda Song

Mukundha Mukundha Krishna Song Lyrics From Dasavatharam

You are our mother and father and our Guru. Sing the names of Rama, Krishna, Narayana, who resides in all beings, and Hari, another name for Krishna. In this way, the two of Them are completely filled with blissfulness. The effulgence coming out from His body is supremely beautiful. Immaculate beauty is Lord Sai's form.

Prasanthi Mandir Bhajans

Mukundha Mukundha Krishna Song Lyrics From Dasavatharam

You are the caretaker of the universe. His hair is bound up with red gunja.

Bhaktivedanta Manor propagates the teachings of the authentic Vedic scriptures. Make my mind aglow with the flame of divinity, flame of knowledge and the flame of love, and make it glow for ever and ever. He possesses full opulences and resides in Vaikunthaloka, far beyond the material creation. Overview Most Popular Discover.

They are the life and soul of all rasika-bhaktas and the reservoir of all mellows. The film is about sacrifice and bonding with the family. Please drench us with the shower of love and bliss O Lord Sai!

Victory to Ganesha with elephant ears and moon-like forehead. The victorious Lord Narayana! Prostrations to the Lord of Parthi. You are Sai, the protector of the good and holy. Sing the glory of blue-hued Krishna.

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One attains happiness by worshipping Thy beautiful and enchanting Form. Sing the name of Sai Krishna.

My Nitai is the jewel of transcendental qualities, the jewel of transcendental qualities. Also, chant the name of Sai Raam and sing of his divine attributes. Shesha Naga is His further sub-part. Merciful protector and sustainer, full of virtues and granter of immense happiness. With love and devotion, sing purifying and uplifting name of Lord Rama of Raghu dynasty.

Prasanthi Mandir Bhajans

Over the years that followed, George kept in contact with Shyamasundar das and Mukunda Swami, who always respected his wish not to be in the limelight. George continued his search and meanwhile Shyamasundar das, Mukunda das and other disciples of Srila Prabhupada moved to London in order to establish a temple. Glory to Vitthala, Lord Panduranga, worship His name in song. We don't remember any song in particular when you come out of theater because songs were so effectively used to narrate story. He also wrote many songs, rayahari facebook hacking tool which included devotional references.

This Holy Name is So Sweet. Baba, destroyer of sorrow, who is Rama and Krishna and is within each man as Narayana.

Rama, Krishna, Narayana, Keshava and Madhava. Thou art the support, sustainer and shelter of fallen and miserable ones. You help to overcome fear of crossing the ocean of life and death.

Light up in the temple of my mind a flame of knowledge that will glow continuously. So catch hold of the two lotus feet of Lord Nityananda very tightly. He is the embodiment of the life giving force, Pranava. There is no happiness and peace without chanting the sweet name of Lord Sai, the Resident of Prasantinilayam.

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Just by hearing Thy Sacred name, demons run away. He wears garments resembling a rain cloud and is adorned with various ornaments. With accompanied rhythm of drum he loves to dance the cosmic dance. She is annihilator of demon Mahisasura representing demonic qualities. If you prefer audio only, switch to here which is listing more comprehensive over recordings of mandir bhajan.

Playlist Themed Playlist Recent Popular. He very easily destroys the sinful reactions of the most sinful degraded persons. All are chanting because it is so sweet! Mother of the Universe - ever in blissful form is the protector of the Three Worlds. Sri Nityananda Prabhu's face is more beautiful and cooling than the autumnal moon.

Nityananda Mahajana so mercifully opened a marketplace in Nadiya-Godruma for the welfare of the suffering souls. Lord Nityananda is the husband enthusing Jahnavi with life. Oz smoothie recipe includes these powdered husks. Supreme Lord Rama is the Incarnation of Treta yuga period of years, during which Lord Rama assumed human form incarnation.

Raaga app is a great way to download and listen to your music and shows. Pray to Him, the Infinite Lord. You may also like Shuffle Play. Shower mercy, grace and compassion on us. His beautiful golden body is covered with lovely garments and various shining ornaments.

Golokera prema-dhana hari-nama sankirtana. Glory to the One Who lived in Brindavan and Puttaparthi. To those fallen in the world of birth and death.

Mukunda Mukunda Krishna Mukunda Mukunda Song Lyrics - Dashavtar Lyrics

Thou art the bestower of auspiciousness on all the devotees. You protect the meek and the humble. Victory be to the eternal blissful cowherd boy Krishna. Sai, please grant us Your Mercy. Thou art the ocean of Mercy.