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Most dangerous airlines askmen dating, the world's safest – and least safe – airlines

And although it accounted only two plane crashes, statistics are alarming since it has not done that many of operations. Iran Air Before the revolution of the airline was the official carrier of the country, but then things began to go get worse. To the sad list a plane crash in Madrid was added killing passengers. However, a couple of years later, the ban was lifted, and now Garuda successfully flies to Amsterdam and many Asian cities.

The company currently has the most modern fleet in South America, but its reputation was severely marred by several incidents. Most fatal crash happened in when caught in a trailing smoke from forest fires, plane crashed into a mountain, wasna ahmed dating games killing passengers. The most serious accident occurred in during the voyage Taiwan-Hong Kong and killed people.

Cubana Airlines Cubana Airlines was established in and is one of the first commercial airlines in the world. China Airlines Chinese national carrier is actually based in Taiwan and is one of the largest in Asia. The reason for this was found sufficient. Kenya Airways The airline was established in to meet the increasing demands of tourism industry of the country.

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Then, all blamed on too old technique, and the airline promptly got rid of this type of aircraft. Avianca Avianca boasts the longest history of flight in the Western Hemisphere. Despite the fact that the company was established with the birth of the state, it has always tried to keep pace with the times and follow the latest trends in the airline industry. So a huge number of accidents are expected to take place. The biggest tragedy, which killed people, occurred over the Atlantic Ocean.

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But the biggest disaster occurred in and immediately claimed the lives of people.

Most of the time they are flying with a different intensity and different number of passengers transported. For unclear reasons, it is with these airlines that a large number of incidents occurred causing major casualties.

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The world's safest – and least safe – airlines