Life Is Beautiful Background Music

Energetic atmospheric world fusion track with lots of oriental influences and instrumentation mixed with Latin and pop elements. Beautiful inspiring, emotional and sentimental piano with cinematic strings. Calm instrumental electronica music theme with comforting, relaxed hi-tech feel.

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Disgusted, Paru leaves them and returns along with the B-phase friends. Ideal for travel documentaries, exotic products, fashion shows and everything that needs a passionate Near East background music flavor. Beautiful and inspiring, flowing, soft track.

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Angry at Ashok's and Sony's marriage, Rakesh vows to retaliate. Perfect background audio for any business projects, analytical and marketing videos, trade and web development projects or any other projects. Jealous over Paru's closeness with Abhi, Suresh talks to Rakesh, who then starts his next revenge. The next morning, Srinu, along with Nagaraj, Abhi, and the rest of the B-phase gang, confront Manish and beat him up. This style describes the feel that music has in performance.

With this, Paru leaves feeling happy for Abhi and B-phase. Abhi also explains that Paru has not been in contact for a while and convinces Srinu and Nagaraj to help him talk to Paru. Beautiful and inspiring musical composition with nice delayed guitar harmonics, pianos, electric guitars, strings and bouncy drums. Furious, Nagaraj starts to beat up Ajay when everyone in the Gold-phase gang and the B-phase gang get involved. With tiered licensing you only pay for the usage that you need.

Uplifting, positive and inspiring corporate track with a beautiful and light atmosphere. On the flip side, a better background music and shorter runtime would have helped the film further. Perfect for any fashion video, abstract background, and stylish projects.

Log in to see membership prices. Later, Nagaraj proposes to Lakshmi but she refuses saying that he is unambitious and irresponsible while she aspires to become an engineer. It is a beautiful classical orchestral piano music piece with a touching and emotional melody with an elegant and orchestral mood. The music could be suitable for travel video, vlog, inspiration, creative portfolio, or go pro shots. This traditional oriental music is good for Mediterranean travel videos, romantic films, Turkish landscapes, relaxation and meditation, scenes of reflection and calmness.

In the style of Americana, acoustic folk and new country. Nagaraj's father hugs his son and welcomes him back.

Suitable for extreme sports, active lifestyle, car racing, commercial promo spot, etc. For other uses, see Life Is Beautiful disambiguation. Life Is Beautiful is a Telugu coming-of-age drama film written, the outsiders produced and directed by Sekhar Kammula. Featuring strong catchy electric guitar fills with beautiful piano harmony and bouncy drums. This is beautiful corporate royalty free music with easy-going and atmospheric mood.

Ideal background music for romantic film trailer, outro, youtube, emotional and reflective moments, heartfelt drama with the inspiring feel of happiness. There are a host of different terms used to indicate style and they generally appear over the first measure of a major section of music. In any case, each piece of music will bring with it unique aesthetic criteria to express artistic choices. Suitable for videos on the theme of love, travel, slow motion and just a slideshow.

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Licensing my music is safe, simple, and I'm always here to help! Beautiful and elegant orchestral music with bright, emotional and inspiring mood featuring piano and strings. Light guitars with piano and orchestral instruments play a beautiful melody. Good for nature videos, adventure projects, emotional journey, heartfelt drama with the inspiring feel of happiness, fantasy movies, scientific discovery.

Suitable for projects that need romantic feel, thoughtfulness or even a classical touch. When Lakshmi denies any knowledge Srinu asks Paddu to check on Satya. Download good beautiful music today for your ideal background setting.

Abhi changes back into his old nerdy self, Lakshmi and Satya write their examinations well, and Srinu earns his degree and gets a job. Very good for atmospheric films, hypnotic timelapse, travel journey, reflective moments and other. Beautiful music, by definition, is that which is considered aesthetically pleasing and beautiful to the listener. This is emotional cinematic music with huge space, atmospheric mood and beautiful transparent sound. Paru inadvertently reveals her feelings for Abhi through one of her magic acts in front of everyone and goes on to win the prelims.

This is modern pop-dance track with country-folk feeling and optimistic mood. Srinu's uncle lives in B-phase along with Srinu's Aunt, brother-in-law and sister-in-law, grandfather and grandmother. This is sunny and optimistic country folk royalty free music with truly inspiring atmosphere and beautiful acoustic sound.

However, Ashok brings Sony to his house, intending to marry her. Many businesses, large and small, already use my music in their marketing videos. At this juncture, it is revealed that Abhi is attracted to Paru, which angers Suresh.

Over time, Srinu and Paddu get close while Nagaraj tries to get close to Lakshmi. Before leaving for the hospital, Srinu goes to Paddu's house and asks her parents for her hand in marriage. The rest of the B-phase friends also go to the contest as Paddu's guests. Featuring acoustic guitars, piano and tasteful percussion. Inspirational and uplifting music track featuring warm acoustic guitars and piano.

Modern Soul and Pop Instrumental music with a groovy beat and catchy atmosphere. This is mellow cinematic music with charming and beautiful emotional atmosphere. Bright and optimistic music track with beautiful piano and introspective electric guitars. This track has great Baroque and Rococo atmosphere with fanfares and solemn mood. This is optimistic and motivational orchestral music with bright atmosphere and inspiring mood.

Beautiful music is often tied to classical influence, evoking emotions from deep within the soul. This music will make your projects more beautiful. It will certainly work well with Latin American video projects, documentaries, travel shows, slideshows and more. Srinu, Paddu, Nagaraj, and Abhi go to the hospital, where Srinu informs Amma that he got a job and Satya wrote her exams well, and also introduces Paddu.

Beautiful Music

This is an atmospheric, minimalistic corporate track with an ambient sound. This is gentle and tender cinematic music with sweet emotional atmosphere and lyrical mood. Perfect background audio for any romantic and sentimental videos, films, wedding videos, sad and sorrow stories, romantic and touching moments, sweet and lovely storytellings.

After Abhi escorts Satya away, Srinu confides in his uncle about everything that has happened and decides to visit Amma to tell her about everything that's been going on. You can securely pay with any major credit card or PayPal. Having realized how much Nagaraj loves her, Lakshmi reciprocates her love. Upbeat and inspiring corporate track with a beautiful modern dreamy sound.

The next morning, Rakesh, his father, and the Gold-phase gang come with the police to Ashok's house to have Ashok arrested. After Maya madam beats the caller, he reveals that he is from Gold-phase.