How Fifth Wheel Towing Works

Kingpin hookup

Always keep a generous amount of lube on the lube plate or top of the fifth wheel. Move it close enough to make an eyeball measurement. Slowly, step on the accelerator as if the driver is just moving the trailer a few inches.

Trying to exactly level the connection with the fifth wheel hitches and kingpins to avoid scratching the former can lead to high pinning. Be careful not to drag your gear.

However, it is going to take so much of your time. However, such occurrence is normal, so there is nothing to worry about. You'll feel resistance because the trailer will have to slide up the lube plate. The trailer should keep the pickup truck in place. Make sure that there is enough clearance to get under the kingpin.

The king pin is similar to a hitch coupler and is attached to the trailer, while the lock jaw acts as the hitch receiver. After linking the cord, do a Hitch Pull Test to make sure that the connection of the truck and trailer has been secured.

Be careful not to drag yourNow pull the releaseTrying to exactly

Now pull the release lever to unhook the king pin. Fifth wheel trailers are equipped with what's referred to as landing gear or jack legs.

Fifth Wheel Towing Essentials