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Well meant effort to help someone feel better. Using a question to start insulting someone in an indirect manner. Now I'll never know if the marathon nap helped or hurt. But from a solving perspective, the theme wasn't engaging. An attempt to brush off a concern as a result of hormones, rather than deal with the actual concern.

Usually makes an argument worse. Gymnastics flip seemed pretty unimpeachable.

Another often well meaning attempt to help someone, that really focuses on the speaker's discomfort and not the emotions of the distraught person. Aggressive response that usually distracts from a disagreement. Love to close the work week out with a huge win. Really thought he had an umlaut somewhere in his name, but apparently not.

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Or did the nap actually propel me, helping me to a faster time than I would've had without it? There's usually some residual brain fog, even if I've gotten up and splashed water on my face and had a drink of water etc. But the theme was somewhat flavorless to me. We all make mistakes when angry or irritated, so monitor your conversation to see if you are unintentionally putting down another person. One of the more infuriating and useless attempts at impacting the mood of another.

It's an anagram-based theme, but with a twist that I just couldn't fully appreciate. Would I have smashed my record if I'd solved it at night without the nap? Since then Robert has trained thousands of employees to deal with angry, hostile, abusive and potentially violent customers.

Stared At Crossword Clue and Solver - Crossword Solver

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Just wasn't necessary to pay attention.

It didn't require thought, and didn't have any apt humor, cougar match dating or anything that really makes a crossword enjoyable. Often used in a passive aggressive way.

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