Honda Eu2000i Service Manual

The entire process as well as the engines speed is controlled by a special microprocessor. Do not fill the fuel tank above the upper level mark red on the fuel strainer. All diagnostic and repair procedures are covered in great detail. Keep gasoline away from appliance pilot lights, barbecues, electric appliances, power tools, etc. Emission Control System Information Carbon monoxide does not react in the same way, but it is toxic.

American Honda will repair or replace, at its option, any part that is proven to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use during the applicable warranty time period. Under normal conditions, use the following procedure. Warranty repairs and replacements will be made without charge for parts or labor. The Honda eui inverter generator is compact and lightweight. He has written various informative articles and blogs on various fields including industrial equipments.

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Allow the muffler to cool before servicing the spark arrester. Two identical models can be paralleled with an optional cable or cord for up to watts of power. Spilled fuel is not only a fire hazard, it causes environmental damage. Many people in todays society will go and trade in a perfectly good engine and purchase an over the top model that is not really used to its fullest capacity. Do not place flammable objects close to the engine.

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Paper parts catalog for the E Generator. Be careful not to spill fuel when filling your fuel tank. The company has a reputation to uphold and it will not make a substandard generator. Includes extra supplements. Follow the instructions included with the parallel operation cable kit.

Numbered instructions guide you through every repair procedure in a step-by-step fashion. Honda generators are known for their reliable starts. Pages are easily found by category, and each page is expandable for great detail. Carburetor Modification For High Altitude Operation High altitude performance can be improved by specific modifications to the carburetor. Reinstall the air filters.

Knowledge Read and understand this manual. It is the same factory shop manual used by dealers that guaranteed to be fully functional to save your precious time.

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Includes color wiring diagrams. Oil Alert protects the generator by shutting the engine off when low oil is detected. And using this generator safely is an important responsibility. This makes the generator ideal if you want overnight power.

For your safety, do not operate the generator in an enclosed area such as a garage. Diagnostic and repair procedures are covered in great detail to repair, maintain, rebuild, refurbish or restore your Generator.

If you operate the generator in very dusty areas, clean the main and outer filters more frequently than specified in the Maintenance Schedule. You will need this information when ordering parts and when making technical or warranty inquiries. All defective parts replaced under this warranty become the property of Honda.

Honda Generators - Owners Manuals

The advanced and precise inverter technology used in the generator makes it ideal for powering computers and other devices that are sensitive to power. Familiarize yourself with the generator and its operation before you begin using it.

Honda Generators - Owners Manuals

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The good news is most fuel-related problems can be avoided by following a few simple steps. In addition, the output indicator has a simplified hour meter function. Honda generators equipped with electric start contain low-maintenance batteries.

Honda has a wide presence all over the world, meaning you will not have a problem getting an authorized repairman. This makes it ideal for activities where a portable generator is required. This is sufficient to run most household appliances and for other common home applications. It indicates that the generator is producing electrical power at the receptacles. Your safety is your responsibility.

Owner s Manuals

Owner s Manuals

Honda's inverter technology means stable, clean power in a smaller, lighter package. While the cost of generators has gone down over the years, the repair kits and parts for the models are a fraction of the cost, and can easily installed with the proper repair manual.

Only you can decide whether or not you should perform a given task. There are several reasons why the Honda eui inverter generator is the only generator you need. Make sure that the rubber seal is set in the groove of the air cleaner cover. Failure to properly follow maintenance instructions and precautions can cause you to be seriously hurt or killed.

He has written many useful write ups on honda eui inverter generator, Generac Generator and Yamaha Generator. American Honda disclaims any responsibility for loss of time or use of the product, transportation, commercial loss, gadget for win7 or any other incidental or consequential damage.

If you need more power, the generator has parallel capability that allows you to parallel two identical models with the optional cord or cable supplied to get up to watts. Select a well ventilated storage area away from any appliance that operates with a flame, such as a furnace, water heater, or clothes dryer. Gasoline is highly flammable and explosive. Reinstall the maintenance cover and tighten the maintenance cover screw securely. Reinstall the air cleaner cover, and tighten the air cleaner cover screw.

Servicing Your Generator Remember that an authorized Honda servicing dealer knows your generator best and is fully equipped to maintain and repair it. To purchase this repair manual just click on the green instant download button at the upper left hand corner of this page. This manual is divided into different sections. With all products, the manual will have a section that gives you many options on symptoms of the problem, and a troubleshooting method to go along with the issues at hand.

When appliances are turned on or reconnected, the engine returns to the proper speed to power the electrical load. Fuel carefully to avoid spilling fuel. Bold figured numbers help you quickly match illustrations with instructions. Direction to pull Do not allow the starter grip to snap back against the generator. Please check your serial number against the detail.

This engine, when operated at high altitude with the carburetor modifications for high altitude use, will meet each emission standard throughout its useful life. Return it gently to prevent damage to the starter. Refill the fuel tank if the fuel level is low.

The bar graph is intended to provide you, our customer, the ability to compare the emissions performance of available engines. An incorrect spark plug can cause engine damage. Normal maintenance items, such as spark plugs and filters, that are on the warranted parts list are warranted up to their required replacement interval only.