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What I mean advanced is that include some lengthy communication with some explanation in English not too much. During the last few days I learnt a great amount of Hindi words, phrases and many other from your Youtube clips and website. Plz help me to larn hindi faster.

Virtual Hindi Online learning resource for Hindi, with grammar lessons and exercises, stories, and videos. About The Author Anil Mahato. Anil, you should go back and fix that. The other suggestion and request is that for more of very clear dialog with someone or by yourself reducing the amount of English used in explanation. You will choose your own icons, styles or post your own Polyglot translations, so that more people speaking your language can become a member.

But one thing, hit on my brain, that almost every people in this earth have got mobile phone with earphones and memory chip. But this was the best one. Before seeing this site i feel difficult to understand hindi to speak. So far you have done great!

Hi Akshash, Your idea is nice. Let me give your few examples, how both are plural verbs. Polyglot allows you to find the right person ready to exchange languages with you.

Hi Sharon, I am really glad that you liked this website. Thank you so much for this website.

Please upload more audios which is very useful for busy peoples. Indian Internet Radio and Online News Radio Large directory of internet radio programs with conversation and music in a number of different audio formats. In this page you will find link to download all my Learn Hindi Audio Lessons. Hindi Program at Penn Audio lessons in.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Could you please suggest me tips. Aap log kahaan Kaam Karte Hain? Please keep doing the good things that you are doing now.

Hindi Audio Lessons

All data, unless otherwise stated, is licensed under an open licence, the UniLang Public License, as opposed to a restrictive copyright. Your email address will not be published. Your introduction in Hindi.

To use these pages for learning Hindi language you must have a working knowledge of the basics of Devanagari script. Hi anil, Plz upload past present future gramer in hindi. Hi Anil, I have just started learning Hindi. Hi Anil, new indian movies dvd Nice to hear all your videos and audio.

Thank you for this lessons. Courses and Exercises Bab. Our Chat area gives everyone the opportunity practice speaking in the languages of their choice. Its a fantastic experience for me. And we have to run all the time to feed this stomach.

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Kindly mail me ur latest Hindi audios. Most of these sites will be in English, although a number are multilingual in nature. Kindly help me with the methods to learn. Aap log kahaan kaam karte ho?

Hope I provide you a constructive feedback based on my personal need. We are an open non-profit organization, meaning that everything on our site is publicly accessible at no cost, and membership is also free and open for everybody. Please update with more languages already saw your german learning site. Though my name is also Anil, I am not Indian but Sri lankan. Language Communities Polyglot Polyglot is a non-profit community dedicated to language exchange.

But as we progress we need improvements from basic to intermediary and advanced. Namaskar Normals please add audio to some words like me, he, s.

And lastly, there are thousands of other members who can help you with your target language. Free Hour of Skype Language Tutoring. Ive been searching and searching for a site that i can be satisfied with. Yet, I found some of your e-books are not downloadable. Awesome tutorial I have been searching for many sites to learn hindi.

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Negative sentences in Hindi Never No one Nothing. Except one or two all the others are not available for down load.

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Hindi Script Tutor Online interactive script tutor for Devanagari. With the help of my Hindi speaking friends, we will try to provide an interesting and effective podcast to help you learn Hindi. Hi anil jee my name is saifullah from nigera african country we like your audio lesson its fast and convinient to learn it shukriya dhanyabad keep update plz short clips dhanyabad. Bhanu Jee, I am very happy to see your wonderful knowledge on Hindi grammar. Can you make them available?

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So far i didnt know any thing about hindi. Simply the best way to learn Hindi for beginners.

Can you please help us by teaching Telungu in the way that in which you proceeds Hindi sir? Can i tell me the way where i can start to speak hindi easily. Indian Newspapers Online Directory of online Indian newspapers.