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Chiranjeevi, Madhavi, Raogopalrao. Sivanna advises Anji that the Atmalingam should be sent back to where it belongs. Chiranjeevi, Vijayshanti, Radha.

Bhadraiah fixes his daughter's marriage with an aged billionaire over his wife's protests. He returns to the society as the Colonel Mukesh Rishi transfers him to administrative division from the battlefield in the name of disciplinary action.

Devanthakudu which had a fairly good run is remembered for setting a trend for socio-fantasy films in Telugu. Even though we completed the talkie part, we thus had to wait for almost five months to complete the songs. The other songs were all shot in Chennai. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles.

Meenakshi jumps into a river to commit suicide. Shankar as a part of his wrong deeds also helps a land grabber called Lingam Sayaji Shinde.

Subbarao, a Madras -based building contractor, as managing director and himself as producer, and bought the rights to remake Jamalaye Jibanta Manush in Telugu and Tamil languages. Ramarao to essay the lighter vein role of Sundar. Then Stalin plans a chain system. Bhadraiah enters with his goons and drags his daughter home while his goons brutally assault Sundaram.

Radha, in a fracas with Gopi, seeks revenge. Vijay takes it lightly and tries to play away by acting as if he killed the professor but he is really killed by the time he reaches there and he is accused of the murder. How he proves his innocence forms the rest of the story. As Stalin disappears from the scene, the goons take Stalin's sister Khushboo and friend Chitra Trisha Krishnan into their custody. The black sheep Veera Reddy under the guise of Giri comes out and joins the villain gang.

Balasubramaniam, Kavitha Subramaniam, Anuradha Sriram. Govindarajulu Chiranjeevi is a labor leader who enjoys life in his own entertaining way. Related Topics Hyderabad Friday Review cinema.

Chiranjeevi, Vijayshanti, Vanisri. Sathya later finds out that she has been murdered by the gun-dealer Pasupathi Arbaaz Khan while testing one of his guns. Chiranjeevi, Divya Bharti, Shobana. Stuartupuram Police Station.

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As soon as he dies the clouds start becoming darker and it drizzles. Unlike others, she never posed any problems to me during the shooting.

It's screenplay, written by Gouri Shree, incorporated satirical attacks on contemporary life and social issues. After coming to know about it, Bhatia and his men are after Anji and Swapna. With support from his mentor, he devises an ingenious plan. Chiranjeevi plays the dual roles of a Mumbai-based auto driver, Johnny and an industrialist, Kalyan. The rest of the story is all about how he reforms Lingam and wins the heart of Jahnavi.

There were three other films in with the same combo and two of them, Devanthakudu and Challenge, were big hits too. For the film, ea sports football 2002 game see Devanthakudu film.

In the meantime, he exposes the hospital authorities greediness by taking a corpse there. The rest of the film is all about how he achieves his twin targets of teaching a lesson to Lingam Mama and how he wins back the love and faith of his parents! Hemalatha and Mohana in supporting roles. Sathyanarayana Murthy Chiranjeevi is a rough but kind man who lives in Amalapuram with his niece, mother, sister, and her husband.

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Vijayashanti was just an upcoming heroine at that time, and current-day producer A. Narasimha Bharathi as the character. He makes those greedy corrupt doctors who pretend that the patient is alive operate the corpse.

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