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The only difference consisted in the fact that, given the non existence of the bourgeoisie, a new class had to be created in the form of a huge state bureaucracy. The princes established in the Schamalkaldic League that promoted Lutheranism in their territories and reaped economic advantages by breaking from the Catholic Church. The catholic majority, for political reasons, resented the protestant minority and circulated the rumour that they had created a state within a state Carl J.

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During his regency, Mazarin prepared the terrain for the absolute power of the Roi Soleil to fully emerge and be dispayed. The Roman Curia became the organism that implemented this hierarchical centralization, running the Church from the centre in a way that will be replicated by the future territorial states. Spitz, represented by his more powerful exponents, the German princes.

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On the whole, it was like following the script of a tragedy already performed. Only one religion can be true and that religion should be upheld by the State. These refreshing novelties found a fertile terrain at a time when the empire was undergoing a terminal decline. In the West, the growing feebleness of the imperial power contributed to the development, on the basis of the thinking of St. And, as it had happened in France, the properties of the Church were expropriated and the priests persecuted.

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The real motive behind all this is the formation of an absolute cultural uniformity between royal subjects in view of what will be called, in later centuries, the national identity. On that occasion, christian friendship dating service Pope Gregory stated that he was willing to give up his allegiance to the Eastern Empire and place himself under the protection of the Franks. He found abhorrent the position of the so-called Anabaptists as they were named by their opponents who questioned the right of the political rulers to impose their religious will on the people.

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By referring to this new Goddess it was then permissible to impose all nefarious measures in view of the pretended well-being of the human race. This was also due also to the fact that all human beings share certain common traits. Richelieu has been the clearest exponent of a national Church operating for the formation of a national state.

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In the end, he took control also of Mecca and united Arabia under a single religious polity. Now, the state was totally in charge of any massacre, in the name of the nation and of the people, without the need to refer to any external authority. These two entities, namely the Church and the Empire, alternatively supporting or opposing each other, remained for a very long period of time the main institutional actors on the historical scene. Peter with the money of poor believers rather than with his own money?

But, prior to that, in the West, the Emperors and the administrative and military apparatus had shown their absolute ineffectiveness when faced with attacks by warriors from Central and North Europe. Out of all these upheavals, the Roman Pope emerged as the defender of peace and, with his spiritual message, also as the comforter of ills. When it was necessary, alliances were made with secular sovereigns in order to get the papal territories protected through their armies.

The Byzantine emperors and the Carolingian kings both intervened in matters of creed and in the election of ecclesiastical personnel. We vow to you we shall fulfil your behest with honour!

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At the same time, this contributed to the formation of a clergy that, in many cases, would detach itself from the communities of the faithful and would dominate all in alliance with secular rulers. In this phase, the Church was rising to a position of pre-eminence over other religious groups and cults. During the time of Constantine, the favour that the heathens had enjoyed in the past from the rulers for instance resources for the maintenance of the temples disappeared.

And precisely because of this motive, i. As supreme Head of the Church of England the king had free hands in matters of economic appropriation. For the people to accept this revolution and follow its leaders, a sort of Messianism had to be introduced in every act of propaganda. As the leader of a national Church, he was an implacable enemy of all heretics, that is all who did not abide by his own creed, and so, all possible dissenters and disturbers of the royal power. Cardinal Richelieu and Cardinal Mazarin.

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As a matter of fact, the political power, at Rome and in the Provinces, inspired and promoted many of these cults. That refusal by the Pope was also consequence of the fact that the he was, at that time, hostage of Catherine's nephew, the emperor Charles V. As chief minister he increased the power of the king by weakening the aristocracy and undermining Parliament. It represented one of the most successful tools of integration of the different cultural groups under the control of Rome.

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In all these cases spiritual religion was a simple pretext for reaching and exerting power. The success in converting people built up to a point in which the old aspiration of Gelasius I Pope from to of a Church independent from and superior to any imperial power came again to the fore.

For this reason he dismantled the Huguenot stronghold of La Rochelle and squashed every possible opposition against the king amongst the landed aristocracy. Spiritual religion and the Catholic Church played a very important role in history, even if always dependent for protection on a secular power. It resulted in the intensive exploitation of large sections of his own people. The preservation of cults and deities of the annexed populations, instead of their suppression, was meant to promote stability and defuse social unrest. Martin Luther sided with them during the repression of the peasants rebellion proclaiming that the authorities are appointed by God and should not be resisted divine rights of the rulers.

According to that document the Emperor Constantine would have transferred to the Popes the authority over Rome and the Western part of the Empire. The First and the Second Acts of Suppression of Religious Houses put at the king's disposal a wealth of financial resources that is difficult to estimate. The clash between these two realities produced contradictory outcomes that could be simply characterized as new liberties and new servitudes. Lenin assumed the role of high priest of the revolution, a role that he was to perform even after his death. That marked the beginning of a conservative turn of position by the protestant reformer.

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Albeit unsuccessful this time in his request, the foundation had been laid for a reciprocal support between the Carolingians and the Papacy. He ordered also the murdering of various abbots like the abbot of Glastonbury Abbey, Richard Whiting, who was eighty at that time. This was the reason why, to many socialist thinkers, the Church came to be associated with obscurantism and absolutism. In a certain way, Statism must be seen to have its origins in the Church and in some policies promoted by the Church.

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At that moment, any trace of Churchism had been completely erased. We vow to you, comrade Lenin, that we shall spare no effort to fulfil this behest, too, with honour! Whatever the truth of this episode, the fame of the Pope increased. In reality, the Russian Revolution was an eastern replica of the French Revolution. All this is nothing new, when you consider that King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel of Spain had used the Catholic religion to promote the formation of their national state.

Starting from that preoccupation he elaborated a view that confined the Church to spiritual matters and, for all the rest, put the clergy under the jurisdiction of state power. However, things did not turn out that way. However, the climate had changed to such a point that the secular power could now perform actions that were inconceivable in the previous century.

So, the Pope had to back down and the Bull was practically repealed and replaced by a new more accommodating one Etsi de statu, that allowed taxation of the clergy in case of emergencies. Absolute power means one power dominating all and everyone. The priests that refused to abide by the Civil Constitution of the Clergy were expelled from France. As in the French Revolution, lawyers like Lenin and propagandists by profession like Trotsky and Stalin were the real protagonists. Nevertheless, this was the new state of things to come and everybody had to accommodate to it or suffer the consequences.