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Higher, safe returns are competition for investable dollars, and must be considered in predicting cash flows into or out of the market. Share reports with an unlimited number of users.

Choose the Licencing Option Best for You. After studying current economic data, this is our best estimate for current market direction. Rising energy costs act like a tax on consumers, and can lead to reduced sales, spending, and economic growth.

Choose the pace at which your environment grows. Click the gauge to compare Job Openings vs. Tailor the licenses to the type of user in your enterprise.

Recent manipulation by the Federal Reserve has distorted the study for decades to come. Consumer Sentiment does react to stock market conditions, however, so at times, this is a lagging indicator. We do not place great trust in this model in timing the market going forward. It is a coincident indicator, at best, and not a stock market investment alert. Thus, this may be a coincidental data series.

The CrystalBull Macroeconomic Indicator. The CrystalBull Trading Indicator. The CrystalBull Trading Indicator has been quite accurate in finding overbought or oversold conditions, garbh sanskar amitabh pivot or reversal points. Lower Expected Inflation generally indicates bearish sentiment. Mouse over to see a short description of the economic indicator's use in timing the market.

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Click on any gauge to open a chart of its historical correlation to the stock market, and its use as a possible leading indicator of current stock market trends. Click the gauge to see the correlation between the Yield Curve and recessions. Click this meter to view Capacity Utilization history. It is still an interesting study. Inflation is a distortion in price measurements over time, and must be accounted for in stock market and economic studies, and stock timing.

Not all data are leading indicators, but are provided for your review and analysis. Accelerate the creation of reports and deliver personalized reports to a dynamic list of users.

Click to compare Oil Prices to the stock market. Easily audit user behavior and report usage to optimize your landscape. Note the relationship between Unemployment, recessions, and the market on this Unemployment effects on the stock market chart.

Since both trade on the open market, this is a good measurement of inflation rates investors are anticipating going forward. Rising Personal Incomes yield more consumer spending, as well as more cash inflows into the stock market. The Federal Funds Rate and Prime Rate are base lines for interest rates borrowers must pay to expand their businesses. This market timing method may miss major moves, but may be suited for long-term investors who seek to avoid secular bear markets.

Click any gauge to open a chart of its historical correlation to the stock market. Not sure what license model best fits your needs?

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Click the gauge to analyze macroeconomics vs the stock market. Consume data on a computer, a mobile device or on paper.

Buy digitally with standard terms and conditions. This algorithm looks for market tops and bottoms to be established, so may lag the exact market reversal points by a short period.

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Poor macroeconomic conditions coincide with secular bear markets, and are best avoided by stock market investors. Rising manufacturing costs can cut into corporate profits, and reduce consumer spending in real terms, so is important to measure in investment studies.

Higher Labor Costs can lead to lower corporate profits, which can be bearish to manufacturing stocks. Rates typically respond to market conditions, however, so are usually a lagging stock market indicator. Economic growth requires high employment levels, and the stock market rises and falls based on economic growth. This market timing system does find many unsustainable reversal points, but misses some major moves. Peace of mind with multiple support offerings on demand.

Are you looking to buy an older version? High Treasury rates are bearish, and vice versa. Which Crystal Server version should you buy? Thus, its accuracy has diminished in recent years.

The CrystalBull Trend Indicator. However, as these data measure sales conditions in the past, this may be a lagging indicator for market timers. High rates slow borrowing and expansion, and vice versa.

Many argue that all booms, busts, bubbles, and crashes are caused by Federal Reserve Money Supply manipulation vis-a-vis the free market. Focus on your business and customer relationships, while knowing that your data is safe and reliable. View critical business insights across all data sources with intuitive, guided data exploration functionality. New Job creation stalls during recessions, and can be a stock market indicator. Buy digitally with your credit card or per invoice.

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It can also result from recent layoffs, so care is needed in its use. Because these data releases lag their sampling periods, and are revised for many months, they are difficult to use to time the stock market.

The stock market is dependent on economic trends, so Monetary Supply is an important parameter in stock market systems. The complete on-premise reporting solution for Small to Medium sized Businesses. Or see our complete list of local country numbers.

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Data that has demonstrated a tendency to be a leading indicator of the stock market is selected for use in our Timing Model. Retail businesses usually attempt to keep inventories lower, to save costs.