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When one of them guesses that they are for a boy who died last week, Ichigo confirms this while kicking him in the face. As the trail of smoke rising from the lava dissipates, Ichigo forces himself to get up and run from Shuren, who fires more fire bolts at him while asking where he is going. Ichigo and his friends emerge in the air above an ocean dotted with large, lotus- and lily pad-shaped islands. Suddenly, the group senses an intense Reiatsu as their classroom explodes with violet energy.

Bleach The Hell Verse

As Renji screams in pain, Garogai retracts his fist and lets Renji fall to the ground before leaping up and stomping on him. After a flame bolt kicks up a cloud of smoke in front of him, Ichigo emerges with his Hollow mask on, prompting a delighted Shuren to tell him to go destroy the Gates. Suddenly, Rukia Kuchiki calls out to him as she and Renji walk up, prompting a surprised Ichigo to ask them when they got to Karakura Town. Works directed by Noriyuki Abe. As Renji lands in front of the pool, Garogai climbs out of the acid and promises Renji will pay for that before falling to his knees.

Kobayashi, Noriko Producer. Greeting Ichigo, Renji asks if he is alright, which Ichigo affirms before complaining about how their foes just keep coming. Matsumoto, Rangiku Supporting.

Back in the Human World, the Gates of Hell begin to repair themselves, to the surprise of the Shinigami present. Rukia steps in and states that she and Renji understand, so they will accompany Ichigo to Hell, surprising Ichigo. Suddenly, inpage viewer an unseated Shinigami enters the tent to report that Ichigo has just emerged from Hell and they are sending guards to bring him in. Hell Verse Japanese theatrical poster. Trailer English dub version.

Bleach the Movie Hell Verse (Dub)

Ichigo agrees with this, and the two slide down the slope toward the next level. As he declares that he will keep Ichigo company, Shuren destroys the pillar he is standing on and lands on another, prompting Ichigo to leap to that one and clash with him. When Renji asks what happened, Ichigo admits that he is not sure because the mask appeared on its own, to Rukia's surprise. As they walk together, Ichigo asks Orihime where Tatsuki Arisawa is, only to learn she had early practice. Garogai leaps out of the ocean carrying a large stone slab, which he throws back down into the water, creating an enormous tidal wave.

Share anime to your friends! Abe, Noriyuki Director, Storyboard.

While debris rains down, Rukia gets up and crawls to the edge of the skull. Renji recognizes the Gates as Murakumo is pulled into them by a chain attached to his body. This prompts Taikon to declare that he can give him what he wants.

Suddenly, Ichigo appears in front of Rukia and slices apart the tentacles before angrily demanding to know what they want with his sisters. Clashing repeatedly with Shuren, Ichigo dodges several of his attacks before powering through one of his flame blasts to slash him across the shoulder. As Isshin leaves, Yuzu asks Ichigo what he would like for dinner since Isshin will not be there to decide, only for Ichigo to say anything is fine. After knocking Ichigo into the stone walkway nearby, Shuren forms a fire bolt and begins launching them at Ichigo, who runs along the walkway to avoid them. As Taikon mockingly states he should probably be scared of this Shinigami arrival, Renji notes they have appeared, prompting Ichigo to ask if he knows who they are.

In any way, do not start or participate in any flame wars. When Ichigo manages to slash at him, Shuren disappears in a swirl of flame and promises to return Yuzu if Ichigo does this. As he continues to clash with Shuren, Ichigo breaks away and attempts to reach the portal, only for it to close right before he reaches it. Ichigo demands to know what happened to a nearby basket of flowers that had been knocked over and asks the teenagers if they know why the flowers were put there.

Check out Bleach art books and other special releases. Other Bleach volumes See all. It is the fourth animated film adaptation of the anime and manga series Bleach.

Bleach Movie 4 The Hell Verse Episode 1 English Subbed at gogoanime

As Karin says that Yuzu's curry is really good and is now on her mind so she has to have it, Ichigo looks at both of them before smiling. You going to do one for the other movies? These shortcuts only works with our main server and external servers that support the standard.

Bleach the Movie Hell Verse (Dub)

Help improve our database by adding background information here. However, Shuren laughs and points out that he never said he was by himself. When a confused Ichigo asks if Isshin is going somewhere, Karin Kurosaki reveals he is attending a medical conference and will not be back until tomorrow. Morita, Masakazu Japanese. Ulquiorra responds by kicking Zangetsu into a tower and flying after him, only for Zangetsu to dig into the side of the tower and slash away the debris before launching himself forward.

As Ichigo sits down to eat with his sisters, Yuzu Kurosaki tells her father to eat breakfast soon before it makes him late. Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Taking advantage of Ichigo's distraction, Taikon kicks him in the face, which sends him crashing down to the ground below, as Murakumo lands on a nearby roof and chuckles.

Demanding that Shuren give his sister back, Ichigo attacks him, but Shuren pushes him back with a powerful fireball that he sends hurtling toward Rukia and Karin. However, Byakuya calmly states that Rukia is a proud Shinigami who is prepared for the consequences of her actions before telling Ichigo that he should consider why his friends helped him escape. Meanwhile, Isshin walks in the door downstairs and announces his return before tearfully asking why no one is greeting him despite having brought gifts. Shuren fires the flame bolt at Ichigo, who gasps as it passes through his chest and explodes behind him as Shuren promises to not hit him with a fatal blow just yet.

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Reminding Ichigo that Byakuya knows what he is doing, Renji promises to help the dead boy cross over if they find him. The list of authors can be seen in the page history. Mune Kyun Tropical Island! When Orihime walks into the room, Ichigo asks her how Yuzu is doing, prompting her to reveal Yuzu has stabilized for now. Holding the chain in her hands, Orihime trembles and lets go of it, prompting Ichigo to demand to know what she is doing before grabbing her shoulders and begging her to help Yuzu.